Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Not Enter These Conference Contests?

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Where have we been? Securing more interviews with speakers for the 2013 conference--that's where! If you haven't checked out this blog yet and you are attending the Missouri Writers' Guild Conference in April in St. Louis, then take some time to read about our speakers before you go!  Scroll down and enjoy!

ALSO, consider entering the conference contests. The President's Contest deadline is tomorrow (Feb. 15) and is for members of MWG only--also all the entries had to be published in the 2012 calendar year. BUT. .  .we have a ton of other contests for MWG members, chapter members, and anyone attending the conference. YOU DO NOT have to attend the conference to enter these IF you are a MWG member or MWG chapter member. If you are neither and want to enter, then sign up for the conference here.

Some of the fun categories are:

  • Flash Fiction
  • Free Verse Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Inspirational Essay
  • Travel Article
  • Blog post
AND MORE! If you write it, there's probably a category for it. These contests help support writers and writing chapters. The deadline is postmark March 1, and there's a small fee for each contest. Official rules are here:

 Awards are given out in style at an award's banquet on the Saturday night of the conference.

I'll be there--I'm entering some--want to join me?

Cheers and good luck!

Margo Dill
Former MWG president and conference chair
Current writer of this blog
Author of Finding My Place: One Girl's Strength at Vicksburg 

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