Thursday, April 21, 2011

MWG 2011 "Just Write!" Contest Winners

Thanks to all who entered. To all the winners who were not able to attend the banquet, checks and certificates have been mailed.

2011 President’s Contest

Walter Williams Major Work Award – Judge Richard Weiss

The Two Civil War Battles of Newtonia by Larry Wood

"Show Me" Best Book Award – Debra DeCoster

1st Place: The Seventh Level by Jody Feldman
2nd  Place: Ozarks GunFights and Other Notorious Incidents by Larry Wood
3rd Place: A Shaker of Margaritas  Hot Flash Mommas edited by  Linda Fisher
Honorable Mention: From Trash to Treasure Evolution of An Ozarks Junkyard by  Betty Craker Henderson

Short Story Category – Chalise Bourque

1st Place: Criminal Minds by Donna Volkenannt
2nd Place: Road Trip by Linda Fisher
3rd Place: Not Quite Soon Enough by Lee Ann Russell

Best Essay Category – John Eberhart

1st Place: "Thanksgiving at Jennifer's" by Sally Jadlow
2nd Place: When "Mess" is a Gross Understatement by Mary-Lane Kamberg

Best Magazine Article – Carolyn B. Leonard

1st Place: Jake Fleagle: Shot and Captured at Branson Depot by Marilyn K. Smith
2nd Place: The Thwarted Eureka Springs Bank Robbery by Larry Wood
3rd Place: Life Underground by Sylvia Forbes
1st Honorable Mention: The Oldest Seed Company in America by Diana West
2nd Honorable Mention: Five and Dime Memories by Marti Attoun

2011 Sponsor Contest Winners

Best Ozarks Article – Judge Susan Kirkpatrick

1st Place: Museum Honors Black History in the Ozarks by Diana West
2nd Place: Making Mountain Music: Arkansas Artisans Craft McSpadden Dulcimers by Marti Attoun

Best Historic/Nostalgic Article – Judge Becky Singer Imhauser

1st Place: A Sweet Goodbye by Alice Muschany
2nd Place: Fizz, Flavor & Fun: America's Love Affair With Soda Pops by Marti Attoun
3rd Place: The Sweet Smell of Summer by Lynn Cahoon
1st Honorable Mention: Old Red by Sally Jadlow
2nd Honorable Mention: It's the Big One by Debbie Fox
3rd Honorable Mention: The Second Airplane by Jan Morrill

Best Travel Article – Judge Gary Figgins

1st Place: Poverty & Nimiety by Jan Morrill
2nd Place: Keeping Track of Time by Svetlana Grobman
3rd Place: Elk Falls, Kansas—It’s the Place to Go by Diana West
Honorable Mention: Kiddie Parks: Where Old-Fashioned Fun Still Thrills by Marti Attoun

Best Character Sketch or Profile – Judge Susan Swartwout

1st Place:  Driving Toward Yes by Dawn Downey
2nd Place: Naturalist Rachel Carson by Veda Boyd Jones
3rd Place: Jaunts with Dad by Debbie Fox
Honorable Mention: Kenneth Street, Fayette Pharmacist: A Lifetime of Helping People Get Well by Sylvia Forbes

Best Anthology – Judge Regina Williams

1st Place: Well Versed--Literary Works 2010, Columbia Chapter Missouri Writers Guild, edited by Judy Stock
2nd Place: Symphony in a Minor Key--Science Fiction Tales of Time and Space H. G. Stratmann
3rd Place: Sleep is For the Weak--edited by Rita Arens

Best Humorous Article or EssayJudge Beth Bartlett

1st Place: My Green Acres – Jan Morrill
2nd Place: Late Night Conversations – Diana West
3rd Place: Kneads of a Fifty-Year-Old – Alice Muschany
1st Honorable Mention: Old Osceola – Fred Farris
2nd Honorable Mention: Too Young for Old Age – Dawn Downey
3rd Honorable Mention: High Maintenance Women – Pat Wahler

Best Paranormal or Mystery Story – Judge C.A Neilson

1st Place: Fisher’s Wife by Marybeth Niederkorn
2nd Place: Collette’s Conundrum by Janet Bettag
3rd Place: Story of a Death by Gary Smothers
Honorable Mention: Trick or Treat by Jane Hale

2011 Chapter Contest Categories

Saturday Writers’ – Flash Fiction  -- Judge Cathy C. Hall

1st Place: "In God We Trust" to John Zerr
2nd Place: "The Numbness" to Gary Smothers
3rd Place: "General Chandler's War" to Pat Wahler
Honorable Mention:
"Sharkey's Back in Town" to Linda Fisher
"The (Elliptical) End" to Henry G. Stratmann

Springfield Writers’ Guild – Form Poetry – Michael Burns

1st  Place: "Villanelle for the Status Quo" to Susan W. Peters
2nd  Place: "Kaffeeklatsch" to Judy A. Stock
3rd  Place: "A Mary Mind" to Reta Stewart Allen

Columbia Chapter of Missouri Writers’ Guild – Free Verse Poetry – Walter Bargen

1st Place: "Morning Service" by Susan Peters
2nd Place: "August Hayfield" by  Marilyn K. Smith
3rd Place: "The New Kitten" by Marcia Gaye
1st Honorable Mention: "Blizzard 2011" by Evelyn Aholt
2nd Honorable Mention: "Gardener" by Judy Stock
3rd Honorable Mention:  "Closure" by Claudia Mundell

Southeast Missouri Writers’ Guild – Short Story – Lindsay Walker

1st  Place:  “Darcy’s Ghost” Dianna Graveman
2nd  Place:  “The Delivery” Gary Smothers
3rd  Place:  “The Red Kimono” Jan Morrill
Honorable Mention: Rita Arens  - “Some Kind of Samson”

 St. Louis Writers’ Guild - What Does it Take to Make You Happy? – Judge Bobbie Craig

1st Place: "Pearls of Happiness" by Marcia Gaye
2nd Place: "Bring on the Rain" by Alice Muschany
3rd Place: "Happiness is a Great Gadget" by Debbie Fox
1st Honorable Mention: "The Gift Wrapped Up to Look Like a Severance Package" by Deborah Schott
2nd Honorable Mention: "Happiness is All in My Mouth" by Linda O’Connell