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From Elaine Viets

I was the keynote speaker at last years' MWG conference. I attended some of the other sessions and found them helpful, and I've stayed in touch with MWG. The conference was smoothly run. MWG is not just a good conference to hone your writing skills, it's a chance to meet other writers. I highly recommend it.



From C. Hope Clark
As a frequent conference speaker, I've seen the gamut of writers' events. The Missouri Writers' Guild is, hands-down, one of the best organized writers conferences I've had the pleasure of attending. The topics were wide and varied. The speakers were polished. The assortment of agents and editors gave any writer in about any genre the opportunity to pitch. It's educational and entertaining, and you'll walk away empowered and proud to belong to our profession.

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From Margo Dill- Balinski
The Missouri Writers' Guild Conference is near and dear to my heart--I've attended it, I've planned it, I've been the president during it, and I've spoken at it. And personally, I believe that it is getting better and better each year. You will not find a better conference in the Midwest for the price with an amazing lineup of speakers, tons of networking opportunities, and nice, wonderful, supportive, friendly attendees. I am proud to call myself a Missouri Writers' Guild member, and I am even more proud to tell other writers that I am going to the conference in April, and I can't wait.
WOW Editor, Margo Dill-Balinski (former MWG President, freelance writers, debut author)

From Becky Povich, Past President Saturday Writers (2011)

The Missouri Writers Guild Annual Conference is a wondrous adventure. It is an integral cog in the wheel of the writing journey. Writers of all genres attend; published and non-published, beginners and accomplished. It’s not just one class after another, where notes are furiously scribbled in a tablet, and the novice writer feels overwhelmed and under qualified by day’s end.

It is an adventure of meeting new people, catching up with friends from last year’s conference, and the opportunity to purchase books written by guest speakers and local writers. It is All Things Writerly!

Proud Chapter of MWG


From Deb Marshall, MWG President
What will you miss if you don't attend the 2012 MWG Conference? You won't be able to sit down for a nightcap with that agent or editor you're going to pitch to the next day! Our Nightcap informal small groups were a hit among all our conference attendees in 2011, so Conference Chair Tricia Sanders is bringing them back in 2012! And don't forget our contests with lots of categories to enter your writing!
From Donna Volkenannt, Past President of MWG and Saturday Writers

In the 1990s, when I attended my first MWG conference, it was a small, state-wide get-together with a couple of regional editors, one agent, a few regional authors, and one keynote speaker. What impressed me back then -- in addition to the helpful information -- was the friendliness and approachability of everyone at the conference. Over the years, the conference has grown to a nationally recognized annual event with a faculty that includes several high-profile editors, agents, and publishers; numerous well-known authors, and more than one nationally acclaimed keynote speaker. What hasn’t changed is the warm and friendly Midwestern hospitality. The best way I’ve found to make the most of the annual conference is by getting involved. Volunteer. Make new friends.
Meet editors, agents, publishers, and other writers. Learn from some of the best in the industry – and experience first-hand some stellar Midwestern hospitality. 


 - Steve Wiegenstein, 2011-2012 MWG Treasurer & Debut Author, 2013-2014 MWG President

 I have benefited from the conference in many ways. There's the camaraderie, the great panels and workshops, and the contests. But for me the greatest benefit has come from the pitch sessions. I pitched my manuscript to a number of agents and editors, got a few nibbles, and as a result of one of those nibbles my first novel, Slant of Light, is coming out this spring from Blank Slate Press! For a writer, there's no greater joy than hearing that "yes," and the MWG Conference was my first step on the way to “yes.”


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