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Top Ten Reasons To Register for The 2013 MWG Conference

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I hope you've had a chance to check out some of the speaker interviews we've done so far. If not, just scroll on down after you read this post, and you will find interviews with authors, editors, and agents who will be attending the MWG Conference April 26 through 28 in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Registration is open, and you can save money if you register BEFORE December 31. (Does your spouse need to buy you a Christmas present? This is the perfect one!) You can find all you need to register on this page

If you are not convinced that you need to attend, then here are ten reasons to consider:
1. You get at least ONE FREE pitch with an agent or editor--this could be the IN you need to get your manuscript published.

2. Meet with writers from all over the Midwest (really the country) and network. Where else can you find a room full of people who actually understand what it feels like to get a personal rejection?

3. The hotel bar--Not that we advocate drinking, but drinking with agents, editors, writers, and publishers is better than drinking with anyone else. (SMILES)

4. You can claim the expenses from this conference on your taxes.

5. Have you seen the speaker line-up? WOW! If you haven't, scroll down to see interviews with some and go here to see the complete list! 

Reason #11--the hotel!
6. It is important to stay up on the latest industry trends and to always improve your writing craft. At the MWG conference, you can do both.

7. Buy authors' books and support authors and talk to published authors. There are several chances to do this at the conference. Let's call it: writers supporting writers.

8. St. Louis is a great city--stay a couple extra days and take in a ballgame, visit the Arch, walk in historic Laclede's Landing, and see a ghost at the Lemp Mansion.

9. You can enter some of the conference contests and win prizes for your writing. Full details on the contests will be up in January here. 

10. You are a writer. Writers go to conferences to learn, network, and have fun. Other professions go to conferences all the time--you should, too!

Stay tuned for more interviews with speakers. I TRY to post one every week! If you are pitching to an agent, check here first for information on that agent.

post by Margo L. Dill 

Margo is the author of FINDING MY PLACE: ONE GIRL'S STRENGTH AT VICKSBURG. For more information, please see:


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