Sunday, September 25, 2011

'Little Black Dress' Comment Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who commented on my interview with Author Susan McBride. I thought she gave excellent insights into women's publishing and more. (In case you missed it, click here.) The eleven people who posted a comment were entered into a drawing to win a copy of Susan's newest book, "The Little Black Dress." After a highly technical selection process that involved strips of paper and a cup, my fiance drew out a name. That name belonged to Margo. Congrats!

Margo, please send an e-mail to Tricia at with your address, so she can send you your new copy of "Little Black Dress."

The next speaker blog interview will be posted sometime next week. When Tricia told me who our next speaker series interview will spotlight, I was pretty excited. We are all in for a treat. While I can’t tell you who it is, yet, I can say that she is a highly successful author who has had one of her books made into a popular motion picture by Warner Brothers Studio. She is one of our two keynote speakers and will be giving a breakout session and a Sunday workshop. 

Look for it on (or around) Sept. 30. A day later, on Oct. 1, Tricia will officially announce the entire 2012 MWG conference speaker line-up on the Missouri Writers' Guild website.

In the mean time, make sure your guild membership dues are up-to-date to get the discounted conference rates and more great membership benefits. It’s only $30 to renew! Head over to to download the membership renewal PDF.


  1. Well I am super excited I won. And I am super excited to find out the speakers! :)

  2. Yay, Margo!
    And like Margo I'm looking forward to find out about the speakers.
    I'm also looking forward to your next interview.

  3. Hi Guys! Thanks for commenting and congrats to Margo! I'm hoping this next interview will be just as useful for everyone. Also, just looking forward to seeing how she answered my questions. :)

  4. Thanks to Sarah for the great questions. You guys are going to be sooooo pumped when you see the next interview. I had the pleasure to review it this morning before sending it to Sarah for a final peek. Be sure to come back Friday and comment, because there will be another book giveaway. AND Sarah deserves the credit for finding this next author.