Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot off the Press

The Missouri Writers' Guild has established contact with the Joplin School District and they have given us this information:

Our high school serves grades 9-12 and we have 2,200 students

We need fiction books, nonfiction books as well as any DVD's or videos we can get.
Also we will want to rebuild our professional collection with teacher resources.

Middle schools serve grades 6-8

Elementary schools serve grades K-5

Our high school, Franklin Tech school and 1 elementary were completely
destroyed. 1/3 of one middle school was destroyed and 1/2 of 2 other
elementary schools were destroyed. 2 other schools had roof damage and our administration building was badly damaged.

Contact MWG President Debbie Marshall at to find out where to deliver or mail your books so we can get them to the resource librarian in Joplin. First delivery is set for the end of the month. They don't have a place to catalog them until then.

Thanks to everyone for all your help!

Deb Marshall


  1. I have passed this on to several writers' groups.

  2. Do the libraries have any kind of a wish list? I'd love to help with this and will be able to mobilize some writer/teacher/librarian friends online to help, too.

  3. Kate, thanks for asking. This is the response I received from Deb Marshall, President of MWG

    "We do not have a book or list of resources. The Resource Librarian for the Joplin School District said they had attempted to salvage some materials, but the rain on the days following the tornado ruined them, so they are starting over completely. Any books or CDs or DVDs that cannot be used in the libraries for K-12 may be donated to individuals or used in a book fair in Springfield to raise funds for additional library purchases."